Penis Enlargement Options

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For some men, the size of their penis can prevent them from having a fulfilling sex life. But today, some methods can be adopted to gain a few centimeters. Dietary supplements and enhancement pills are some products that have proved effective.

Food Supplements, A Really Effective Method

The most effectivemale enhancement way to increase the size of your penis is to take food supplements. Composed of natural ingredients whose effects have been scientifically proven, they give visible and lasting results. You should look for the best supplements that will not expose you to any side effects after use.

Penoplasty, Penile Surgery

Penile enlargement surgery is a drastic and not without risks solution. Among the operations that can be performed there is penile lengthening penoplasty. This innovative technique is achieved by infection of hyaluronic acid. This natural product has volumizing properties that increase the volume of the cavernous bodies. Local anesthesia is necessary for a procedure that lasts nearly 45 minutes.

The increase in size may vary between patients from 2 to 7 cm in length at rest. It is necessary to establish a preliminary diagnosis with a specialist surgeon and an anesthetist. Some side effects have been revealed: non-homogeneous distribution of the product causing irregularities in shape, pain, and a tingling sensation and itching.

The Penis Extender

The penis extenderpenis enhancement pills is a more drastic technique: it exerts continuous and gentle traction to stretch the tissues of the penis and create micro-lesions, which, when they heal, make the penis appear bigger. Concretely, the penis extender will act either by stretching the muscle fiber of the penis or by inflating it by injecting air directly inside the penis. This device must be worn daily to enlarge the penis. It is not super effective on all men.


Lipofilling is also a surgical procedure that aims to increase the circumference of the male sex at rest (2 to 3 cm on average) by injecting fat from another part of the body (usually the belly) into the penile tissue. This plastic surgery technique is generally performed on the face to slow down facial weight loss associated with aging. This intervention, which aims to have a bigger penis, is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for one to two hours. You can opt for these or other natural options available.