Reasons to Use Penis Extenders

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Penis extenders are non-invasive penile traction devices that offer men penis increase in length and are also used to correct penis curvatures. The best penis extenders should not be heavy to wear under your clothing and uncomfortable to wear all through the day.

It is always important to look for penis extenders that are FDA approved. You should visit your doctor first because it’s difficult to find penis extenders at your local stores. Here are some reasons to use penis extenders:

Treat Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition that leads to the curvature of the penis. Doctors recommend a penis enlargement device to correct the condition. The device works by reducing the fibrous buildup that causes the unnaturally curved penis. It also stretches the genitalia when flaccid.

Doctors recommend wearing a penis extender for at least six months up to 6-12 months. Within this period, visit your doctor regularly to monitor your progress. Experts say that using penis extenders to correct penis curvatures has proven to be effective alongside other treatment therapies. Peyronie’s disease can lead to other conditions such as penile deformity, narrowing, shrinkage, hinging, and painful intercourse.

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Increase Penile Size

This is one of the main reasons why most men use penis extenders. The devices have been scientifically tested and proven to increase the size of the penis in length without any surgery. According to studies, those who used penis extenders experienced an increase in size by 32%. For optimal results, the device should be worn for 3-5 hours daily. Some penis extenders guarantee a permanent increase in length and girth.

Therefore, you need to find the products which are endorsed by penile enlargement surgeons. Most of the devices come with specific programs to follow and the results will depend on how much tension you want to apply on your penis and also the number of hours you wear in a day.

Manage Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunctions originate from several problems. Men try to improve their erections by using penis extenders. The penis extenders work by making the tissue around the shaft area of the penis to be more sensitive to sexual stimulation.

Another way which the device works is; when the size of the penis increases, the quality of the erection improves simultaneously. The extenders also boost the blood flow encouraging a high erection duration and firmness.

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Improves Confidence

Penis extenders play an important role in boosting both physical and mental well-being. Having issues to do with the penis can affect a man in many aspects of life like; health, performance in the bedroom, romance with their partners, self-esteem, etc.

Although the devices work differently, the results are seen slowly after some time and the fastest results after months of use. As soon as someone starts to see the results, their self-esteem is boosted. They want to get back to dating and feeling good generally.