Things to Consider When Buying a Penis Pump

vacuum penis pump

The penis pump is nothing more than a vacuum device that creates negative pressure through a pump and valve system to stimulate the blood supply to the penis, making it ideal for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Today, it is very common to find that they are sold as erotic items to improve sexual potency and even increase penis size, but this is a controversial issue as there are no studies that show that their use is related to an enlargement of the penis. However, they still work out for many people out there. You should look for the right type to get quality results. Here is what to consider when purchasing a penis pump.


Most penis pumps today are made from PVC or acrylic, both of which are very durable materials that withstand pressure well without damage. And since the pump must be securely attached to the body, opt for models that have silicone rings at the base to avoid discomfort during use.


Another factor to take into account is the size of the penis pump, both in length and width. Today, most pumps have an average length of 23 cm and a thickness ranging from 5 to 7 cm. Ideally, there is enough room for the penis to enter unobstructed and for pressure to act. This improves results and prevents more serious problems or discomfort.


Valves are essential for product safety. They are responsible for controlling the intensity of the pressure while pumping. So make sure you buy a product that has the right quality valves. When choosing a model, it is also important to verify that the valves have a safety system to quickly relieve pressure, avoid accidents, and even injure the penis.


Lastly, it is important tovacuum pump consider the type of pump used to create pressure within the container. Many models operate with hand pumps similar to those used in manometers or syringe forms, giving you more control during the process. It is also possible to find pumps and electrical controls that can be configured at different pressure levels so that the user can obtain specific and differentiated training according to their needs.