What to Look for in Penis Stretchers

a penis sretcher representaion

Even though most men do not openly talk about the penis size subject, it is a sensitive one. The penile size boosts a man’s confidence in bed and affects his ability to satisfy his partner. Research shows that the penis size is not the dominant factor in experiencing pleasurable sex, but most women prefer a bigger penis to a smaller or average size. They believe it provides deeper penetration and satisfaction.

This has led many men to look for alternative methods of stretching their penis. Previously, the only available option was surgery, but now there is a new and safer method. Most men now opt for penis stretchers, which are readily available and proven to be safe. It is, however, best to consider the following factors before buying a penis stretcher.


consider the comfortYour comfort is paramount because some stretchers may require you to wear them for lengthy periods. You may need to put on some for about 10 hours, during which you will do a lot of walking and moving around. A good penis extender should not deter this. It should accommodate you comfortably for the hours you’ll use it.

Money-Back Guarantee

Sometimes when a company is promoting their stretchers, they may go overboard with the promises. It is best to consider an extender with a money-back guarantee after using the device for some months. The period given may be more extended because the stretcher does not bring instant results. It also does not have a timeline for when the results will be seen. A reliable company should guarantee you a refund of your money back if the extender does not bring the desired results within a reasonable time.

Means of Measuring

check if it has a means of measuringIt is advisable to purchase a stretcher that has a way to measure so you can know the progress. It also allows you to see when you are overstretching your penis. Even though a stretcher is meant to lengthen the penis, there is a recommended limit.

Medical Approval

It is always best to determine if a stretcher is safe because your health is a top priority. Some penis extenders are made of low-quality materials that keep moisture. That is not hygienic and safe due to harboring bacteria leading to infections to your penis. It would be best to look out for medically approved kits that do not hold moisture. That way, you are sure that you won’t suffer infections.